Falter of Fortune

Oh tortured flight, Oh heavy strain

Know my wind will blow again

Oh kingdom lost where once I reigned

My will unbroken no matter how strained

Oh starkest loss, Oh fall from grace

That brings the truth face to face

Oh darkest hour your shadow cast

I’ll rise in power, once you have pasted

Oh falter of fortune, come to be

In this abyss I find the depth of me

Oh twist of fate, Oh divine door

That brings my spirit to the fore

Oh lowest low, oh bed made

Even the shadow has its shade

The Snake

It’s womb was a black hole

Nay a white hole

That expels rather than impels 

The egg looked like a moon

Adrift beyond the orbits

A solar system trembled

When the egg cracked

And the great serpent silvered

Into the darkness

As a baby it coiled

Round the rings of Saturn

And struck at meteors

Fully grown it dislocated its jaw

And swallowed the sun

The luminous lump moved through its body

Shinning light between its scales

Once the sun had been digested,

The snake hissed solar flares

Into the empty regions of space

Its shed skin is often mistaken

For a new constellation

To this day, it glows burning white

And leaves a glittering trail

Through the universe