Dear Jacob Zuma

Dear Jacob Zuma


How is the lying and the cheating and the stealing going? I see you’re making good progress in dismantling democracy. You’re also doing your best to turn the races against each other. We acknowledge your efforts in these areas.

You have avoided all of your responsibilities to the best of your abilities. You are fantastic at putting your own interests ahead of the county’s. You’re getting even better at taking money that should be going to the poor and giving it to yourself and those in power that support you. You are getting so good at this that you now do it in public without even trying to hide it. You are great at making others lie on your behalf, with everyone knowing that they are lying for you. We acknowledge them too.

No one man has ever done a better job at ruining our economy, at wasting our resources and undoing what was achieved in the struggle. For this and more you deserve recognition. Make no mistake we will remember all that you have done.
Yours sincerely

The People


No we will not forgive, we will never forgive
We will shun forgiveness
And doom our children to an endless war
As our ancestors did before us
And theirs did before them
Because we are angry
And find our anger justified by scripture
Religion offers us paradise in the next life
And hell in this one
Because that is how we want to see it

We read the scriptures with one eye closed

We are blind to the verses that speak of love
That speak of peace and brotherhood
We find no justification for our hatred in them so we don’t see them
Or when we do we say that they are only for our own
That only those who believe as we believe
Are worthy of love
Are worthy of the God that created all
We alone are special, we alone are chosen
Therefore it is alright for us to murder
And do what we condemn in others
The path to heaven is paved with blood
Paved with murder because we read the scripture
With one eye closed and one eye open
Seeing as holy any action that gives us vengeance
That lets us judge everyone but ourselves as if we are God



Freedom’s Funeral

On 22 November 2011, I attended a funeral for freedom of speech in South Africa. Myself along with about three to five hundred mourners stood outside Cape Town’s parliament, where a bill that effectively allows government to sensor the media was passed. We were all dressed in black. We sang songs from the struggle against apartheid. We listened to speeches. Some of us danced the same dances that shook the earth in the liberation movement. We all hoped to sway the ministers inside parliament from signing the Protection of Information Bill. Nonetheless, the bill was passed and freedom of speech in South Africa was lowered into an early grave. It was only 16 years old.


One of the mourners in his eulogy said the bill was the first step in dismantling democracy. He spoke the truth but only half of it. The bill could also, and I pray I am wrong, be the first step in constructing a dictatorship. Anybody who knows history knows that the first step in establishing a dictatorship or an oppressive government is to suppress freedom of speech. The Protection of Information Bill is essentially a mask behind which the government, already known for its corruption, can do what it pleases with being seen.


To quote Dr Phil: “Those who have nothing to hide hide nothing”. The fact that this bill has been passed proves that the current government of South Africa has something to hide and that it intends hide what it wants to do in the future. With this bill much that was achieved in the struggle against Apartheid has been reversed. But this is not the end. This is the dawn of a new struggle, against a new oppressor. That’s right: oppressor. Only an oppressor would advocate a bill to oppress freedom of speech. Only an oppressor’s minions would let such a bill come to pass. In doing so they have shown themselves for what they are. They may have their mask for now. But one day the mask will fall and they will have to face us and face what they have done.