Finding Yourself

Where do you go to find yourself? What map will take you there

When your compass is broken and you’ve been wondering in the wilderness for years?

The old paths stretched before you. They loop and lead straight back here.

Pride keeps you from admitting you are lost and in need of guidance.

That path seems too steep to climb.

It takes courage to leave behind the old ways

And break new ground.

To pull yourself over the obstacles

And discover how far and wide is the road that leads home

Where you are no longer a stranger.



The clouds are floating mountains

So soft you could fall through them

So strong they block out the sun

They are the breaths of the ocean

Their tears make the jungles grow

And farmers laugh for answered prayers

Besides thunder we never hear them

They do so much yet take so little credit

This must have been taken this into consideration

When they were chosen to dwell forever in the heavens

When Writing a Book

There is no way around it

The only way to get anywhere

Is to sit in the chair and go nowhere

And travel through page after page

World after world without moving

The Flower

Ladybugs dot the flower stem
And its radiant bloom
They flutter their wings now and then
And fly away too soon

The flower is left quivering
From the bugs that have flown
Like a child left shivering
In cold waters alone

Flying ladybugs circle the flower
Soon to land again
Its nectar they in love devour
Until washed away by rain

Either way the flower is content
Its roots are deep and strong
It cares not where the ladybugs went
Its centre will bloom on


All the stars are shooting

The sky is lines of light

Darkness is replacing

The twinkles in the night


The moon is oh so lonely

The stars have leap away

It will be one and only

Til the sun comes out to play

My Time

Tomorrow I will wake when I wake

I have turned my alarm clock off

And cancelled all my appointments

My cell phone’s battery

Has been left to die

My landline is off the hook

I won’t be checking any e-mails

Or answering the door

Year after year I have given away

But tomorrow I am keeping


We are all beyond ourselves
Beyond our dreams and hopes
While we try to be ourselves
We are still learning the ropes

We must overcome ourselves
To become who we are
Once we finally are ourselves
We see we were never far


We have much to say to each other

And have been shook up

Like a champagne bottle

Ready to blow its cork

And be a foamy fountain


Thought bubble form above our heads,

Still we speak with great caution

And say nothing

That gets to the bottom of anything,

Fearing the eruption


Weary of idol chatter

Our thoughts bubbles float away

And we stay bottled up

Support Our Students in Pretoria

When I was in high school, I listened to heavy metal and wanted to grow my hair long. The school rules, however, prevented me for doing so. From my perspective this created a feeling of us and them among my teachers and I. It was in large part because of this that I saw my teachers as part of a system that had failed humanity.

Obviously the situation with the students in Pretoria is different because of South Africa’s history and where the students have come from. Nonetheless, I am sure that the restrictions on their natural hair creates the same sense of us and them. It creates a feeling of oppression rather than support and encouragement which is what we all want from our school. It also creates a sense of division at a time when South African of all colours more than ever need to listen to each other, respect our differences and come together. Therefore, I support and commend the students in Pretoria.